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"Äldre medelinkomsttagarfamiljer och pensionärspar i villaförorter kring de större städerna" är lösa korsord eller sudoku, arbeta i trädgården, krukväxter, skattefrågor, värdepapper och värdepappersaffärer, privatekonomiska frågor, kungligheter, föreningsverksamhet, energisparande och golf. "Medelålders flerbarnsfamiljer med goda..
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My account Outnorth - ip Du surfar just nu i privat läge och kan då inte spara dina personliga favoriter. Photos Lundhags fabriksbutik, you have made the following selection in the map and location..
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D2 act 2 Merc aura nivåer

d2 act 2 Merc aura nivåer

Bows (no Crossbows or Amazon-only bows). Hirelings can use Healing Potions, you can use a Healing Potion from the Belt (either by hotkey or right-clicking) while holding down the shift key to give the Healing Potion to the player's Hireling. Hireling Continuity, hirelings are now willing and able to accompany you to any of the various Acts of the game. In.10, mercs are all available for hire at levels near those of your character. There's not yet any known reason for this change, though speculation is rife. You may choose to employ a new Hireling at any time, but you may not take more than one Hireling into your service at a time. Hireling Spells, hirelings can cast player spells. As the Hireling gets to higher levels it will cost more to revive them. Hell and normal mercs are the same, the nightmare combat merc is the best, it has holy freeze aura. Act V: Barbarians edit Barbarian Mercenary The Hirelings of Act V are available from Qual-Kehk in Harrogath once you have completed the Rescue the Barbarians quest.

The Barbarians of Harrogath can be hired from Qual-Kehk after completing the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest. If you choose to resurrect your Hireling, he or she will return to your employ with all of the attributes, experience, and equipment he or she had at the time of death. Allowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Spears, Polearms, Javelins (Used solely for melee weapons.) They can not equip Amazon -only javelins or spears. If they can't wear it, they will let you know. They are also able to attack with their equipped sword, but do so infrequently.

However, hirelings did not follow the player outside the acts they were hired. Find items that raise their resistances to max. Unless you do physical damage then you want a might merc, which is nightmare offence. NPCs in town will heal your Hireling.

Aliza Amplisa Annor Abhaya Elly Paige Basanti Blaise Kyoko Klaudia Kundri Kyle Visala Elexa Floria Fiona Gwinni Gaile Hannah Heather Iantha Diane Isolde Divo Ithera Itonya Liene Maeko Mahala Liaza Meghan Olena Oriana Ryann Rozene Raissa Sharyn Shikha Debi Tylena Wendy Act II: Desert Mercenaries. Hirelings are Mercenaries that you can hire to fight by your avloppsspolning helsingborg side. You might have to try different areas to find good places to level up your Hirelings. They are fairly fragile and must be kept from harm, but can dispense solid artillery support from behind the front lines. In.13, MercX135 is called 'Tryneus.12 it was 'Erfor'. You can only have one Hireling at a time. Their AI largely keeps them from harm, but they can be come confused as to how far they should stand from the action, and will sometimes wander back and forth uselessly. Skills: Uses Auras to enhance the battlefield and the Amazon skill. Hirelings are very useful.

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